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Bienvenue chez Odile & Jean-Paul à Bellac

  à Bellac dans le 87 - Haute Vienne
Une chambre d'hôte 12 personnes - Ref. Fon870110

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Au coeur du Limousin, à Bellac, patrie de Jean Giraudoux, Odile et Jean-Paul vous proposent, dans une maison du XVIIème, de séjourner en chambres d'hôtes et éventuellement de partager leurs passions : peinture pour Odile…

Tourisme et loisirs en haute-vienne, 87

The Limousin region, a land of welcome (and a place to stop and spend some time) gives you the possibility to stay in guest houses. Odile & Jean Paul own a 17th century house in the heart of the old town of Bellac. Don't be deceived by the rather ordinary plain facade, you have to enter in order to penetrate the secrecy of these mysterious houses, and discover that life is behind the front door and especially in the garden. A convivial atmosphere is waiting for you, your breakfast together, every morning, all those who wish to exchange impressions about their holidays, or who want to know the region better. You may leave your vehicle in a private and closed car-park.
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Bienvenue chez Odile & Jean-Paul
M ou Mme Fontanel Odile au 0555681186
8, rue du Dr Vetelay -
Fax. 0555687896

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